who we are


The Southern African Nationality Network (SANN) is a collective of civil society organisations, individuals and networks working towards universal access to the right to a nationality and prevention of statelessness in Southern Africa.

Our motto “Freedom in Belonging” underscores our belief that without belonging concretised by formal nationality, African individuals and communities can never be free. Not only does nationality ensure access to human dignity and basic human rights for the individual, it fosters the belonging which is necessary for the creation of a prosperous and peaceful society.

what we do

As a network we aspire to collaborate to:

  • Improve data and statistics on statelessness in Southern Africa
  • Advocate for universal access to nationality and birth registration
  • Advocate for the adoption of the draft African Union Protocol on the Specific
    Aspects on the Right to a Nationality and the Eradication of Statelessness in Africa
  • Improve access to individual legal assistance to ensure nationality rights for all Africans

our partners

  • Jesuit Refugee Services (Angola)
  • Ditshwanelo (Botswana)
  • Bonela (Botswana)
  • Transformation Resource Centre (Lesotho)
  • Federation of Women Lawyers (Lesotho)
  • Focus Development (Madagascar)
  • Episcopal Conference of Malawi (Malawi)
  • Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (Malawi)
  • MACOSS (Mauritius)
  • MITD (Mauritius)
  • AMMO (Mozambique)
  • HEPT (Mozambique)
  • Action Aid (Mozambique)
  • Legal Assistance Centre (Namibia)
  • Namibia Institute for Democracy (Namibia)
  • Consortium for Refugees and Migrants (South Africa)
  • The Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town (South Africa)
  • Lawyers for Human Rights (South Africa)
  • Legal Resources Centre (South Africa)
  • Peace and Justice (South Africa)
  • Centre for Child Law (South Africa)
  • Sonke Gender Justice (South Africa)
  • Afrika Tikkun (South Africa)
  • Johannesburg Welfare (South Africa)
  • The South African Congress of Non Profit Organisations (South Africa)
  • Three2Six (South Africa)
  • Save the Children (South Africa)
  • Country Chest of Eastern Cape (South Africa)
  • SACHI (South Africa)
  • Marang Child Network Trust (South Africa)
  • Action Aid (South Africa)
  • UNICEF (South Africa)
  • Swaziland Lawyers for Human Rights (Eswathini)
  • Greater Hope (Eswathini)
  • Save the Children (Eswathini)
  • Action Aid (Tanzania)
  • Ten met (Tanzania)
  • Dignity Kwanza (Tanzania)
  • Legal Resources Foundation (Zambia)
  • National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (Zambia)
  • Environment Africa Trust (Zambia)
  • Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children (Zimbabwe)
  • Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (Zimbabwe)
  • Justice for Children (Zimbabwe)
  • NAYO (Zimbabwe)
  • ECOZI (Zimbabwe)
  • SARSLHP (Zimbabwe)
  • Advocates for Hope (Zimbabwe)
  • Action Aid (Zimbabwe)
  • Rosa Luxombourg Foundation (Southern Africa)
  • Southern African Trade Union Coalition Council (Southern Africa)
  • Southern African Litigation Centre (Southern Africa)
  • Child Rights Network for Southern Africa (Southern Africa)
  • Terre des Hommes (Southern Africa)
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR ROSA)
  • Childline (Southern Africa)
  • FOCISSA (Southern Africa)
  • VSO-RHAISA (Southern Africa)
  • OSF AFRO (Africa)
  • The Right2Nationality Campaign (Africa)
  • Citizenship Rights in Africa Initiative (CRAI) (Africa)


contact us



    (+27) 11 339 1960